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a history of innovation that began 107 years ago today. smack now you know the news as fox reports this saturday, august 22, 2009. i've julie banderas. at 10:00 pm eastern, "geraldo at large," arthur's fingered, i. two men. >> announcer: ladies and gemming, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to the "huckabee" from the fox studios in new york city. now, i'm going to hold in my hand as louisville slugger. you all have seen these before and i will to you why i haven't in a little while. but do not factor this year ~ from his role on the sopranos.
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what you may not know is that he serves on the board of a major center, and he knows some things about the healthcare system that president obama might not. the government is putting an end to the catcher fokkers program on monday, the president said the program has worked. but the car dealers agree which mark we will ask a couple of them, they are in our studio today to make israel is holy ground for three major religions. but it's been a point of contention and conflict for thousands of years. i visited for the 11th time this past week and i will show you why israel's security is crucial to our own safety right here in america. >> christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. >> there have been great moments in sports history. when athletes guaranteed something. do you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing toward center field, promising
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he would hit a home run, and he did? or when new york jets cornerback joe namath stunned the sports world with this guarantee that the jets would beat the baltimore colts in the super bowl. super bowl iii. of course it doesn't always work out like a storybook. in the 2000 nba playoffs, your next-door after doing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers in game six and keep their season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. >> this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress. and he gave it residential guarantee. >> i guarantee you, joe, we're going to get healthcare reform done. speed can the challenge for the president is that office talk of reforming healthcare or is it reforming health insurance? anyway it's put confusing since the bill keeps changing your is over 1000 pages and no one in congress has actually read the darn thing.
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what makes it worse is the top of the soup of government speak that we have to somehow figure out. it really makes it hard to fully cover any issues we have to decide for all the acronyms and initials of the players. you see the potus can read from his potus which he does even when he just introduces someone. he uses figures from the omb that they don't match with the cbo. that gives the gop something to talk about at the dnc quickly trots out a tr -dvd saying that the sar you and the ama support the client asked us phrma. the art in c. wants us i is but right here at fnc, we have their ads that sure looked like it. meanwhile, the fbi have to investigate if the e-mails sent by voters were in violation of the pra question mark in a taken foia request to find out and the secretary of hhs stirred up
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things in the msm about the public option. of course the afl-cio and the acr and have been tried to pack townhomes last week as they were mia until they got told to rally and you know what? i'm like thinking omg, i'm lol. because this whole thing is a big mbs s. well, i wonder if the presidents guarantee will work. stay tuned to fnc, you can find out. that's my view i would love to hear yours. and you can contact me. when you do, click onto the "fox news" feedback section and there you'll also find some information on how to contact your congressman and senators. [ applause ] >> mike: my first guess is america's healthcare situation will be fixed unless we do something that no one seems to be talking about. he says, we got to put the squeeze on the lawyers. who could forget him as the
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brutal bus, johnny sack, and the sopranos. in this scene, i was fine once initial. >> was his prognosis? >> three months to the treatment you have question or. >> what do you mean? >> your bow window of 1-3 years. >> what about the metastasis. >> two rounds of pear plant and, thus effects on plant and all concurrent with radiation? any cancer inside useful to crawl. >> why is he so negative? >> we television three months easier looks at the hero? >> mike: please welcome, been scared to love. [ applause ] >> mike: hello, vince. >> o. governor. >> it's a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. great to be here. >> mike: i'm glad to have you.
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i watched the character, the johnny sack character from your diet. >> i was dying. i feel better now. i to be stopped on the street a week ago said i got your hair grows so well. i shot a two years ago and have had 45 haircut since then. >> mike: at least you aren't subject to a. >> now. this reminds me of the sopranos. what's that bill hr 3200? talking about a death order. is that like real guys, he's got ago. he's got ago he 65 forget about it. there's no hope. that's scary. >> mike: it is. people are concerned about what they don't know about this bill and that's something that has people up in arms. we keep hearing the president say trust us. trust us. when are we ever going to trust the government? that's the biggest challenge of all is trusting these guys who's the gang can shoot straight, no pun intended stomach thank you. i never forgot about the $600 hammers 20 years ago the government was buying. would you walk into a wal-mart
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or home depot and say i don't have a hammer. i don't care it's $600 and by the way i need 400,000 of them. whenever you get involved with this thing in washington, i don't know what it's called, it has tentacles, nothing goes well health and medicare, medicaid. it is ridiculous. now we're going to have -- you're going to tell me when i'm going? no, you're going to tell me when i'm dying. >> mike: we're going to put 47 area transit dollars in savings. >> what i don't understand is why aren't we being told how much this will cost. obama wants to invest a chill into possibly $2 trillion but he doesn't know the outcomes. have you ever invested money without knowing what the return would be? i've never done that. i don't think anyone with a head on her shoulders would do that. where is the transparency going to be? he wants us to wind up single-payer. he doesn't say that now but i think is going to get the insurance companies to the point
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where they cannot compete and -- >> mike: he said that back in 2003. this, one thing i don't think people know is this is not just an issue you are interested in as an actor and entertainer. you are on the board of one of the most premiere east coast medical facilities. >> hackensack university medical center. as matter-of-factly been in the top 50 hospitals in the united states the last three years in a row. >> mike: you are seeing this from the hospital board member looking at health care reform. what needs to happen -- and the. >> up to get away from the 10.aspirin. as obama got to the point of sitting down with pharmaceutical companies same disguise this is the plan. what we do to help us? the lawyer numbers are smart enough and that will happen. i would say something else. from my experience on the board at the medical center greater strides been made in breast cancer, great start strides in: the prostate cancer is their very -- popular cancers 80s that word -- there's a lot of funding that goes into research by
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private companies. lung cancer, pancreatic and liver. can you imagine under obama's plan -- you know what guy? done. you're finished. we will give you something for the pain that we can spend another half million on you. that's what terrifies me. >> mike: there's another issue too, vince, and that's the cost of a hospital or doctor having to defend themselves doing a lot of procedures agnostic way to keep themselves going into court and not having evidence to show they did the best they could. that's something i think your same as a hospital board member. the cost of medical malpractice both from an insurance standpoint and defending yourself. >> its phenomenal. absolutely phenomenal. that's a great point of saying they do a lot of diagnostics now because possibly they are afraid of being sued. but look at the other side of that, saying, god, we did not see this little lump in the regular test, but we've gone deeper and you know what? you were problem. we will get on it right away. can you imagine waiting three or four months after diagnosis of
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some -- any abstract it is a saint we really don't have time right now. you need to call this number, if you're going to die in three weeks press one. this is washington, if you're going to die and four months, press two. and then if you want some general advice, hang up your i made where are we going with this? what eastern bloc country sfa, we've had socialized medicine we're doing great. they have all gotten away now we're waiting into this ridiculous pool are smart is it my all, by the way what shade of gray d. want your suit to be. i'm thinking i can have the gray i should've said that. >> mike: one final question for you. when the hospitals are forced to defend themselves, even when they went they are still out hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> without a doubt. >> mike: the only winner ultimately is the lawyer. >> tort reform. i don't understand how anything
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can be economically done the government of the united states with regard to healthcare. a fellow unfortunately loses this little part of a finger. its $400 million. i'm not making light of this. at all. people are hurt every day in the workplace. whatever. but we are to the point where they actually have to print the money in order to pay a fellow of the rest of us pick up the tab with regard to higher taxes this is all about higher taxes, then we need -- you know what everything costs so much of the united states of america question mark because everybody is afraid of lawyers. so everything costs a fortune because there were but has to cover themselves to the point of just absurdity. >> mike: if we are not afraid of lawyers, we will always be afraid of johnny sack's big mac eq. >> mike: number of freedived scare talk. what a pleasure, vince. glad to have you here. >> thank you. >> mike: will get you back in your play guitar with a "little rockers." i found out about this easy guitar player.
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coming up we will take the audience questions on health care plan, and later, we'll ask a couple car dealers how cash poor klunkers is worked out for them. so what do you think? i think i'll go with the basic package. good choice.
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questions from the audience and answer these questions. let's see what we can do. >> excuse me governor. i'm an usher here. i wanted to tell everybody here and everybody at home that there is a special day on monday, it happens to be governor huckabee's birthday. >> mike: zero. yes it is. [ applause ] >> i don't know about you, but in our house every watches kate bosworth body blaster, so by the has agreed to make you a surprise. >> mike: really? sinequanon was a press kit from buddy. cannot anybody. >> mike: are you serious? >> mike: all out. this is awesome. [ applause ]
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>> mike: buddy how are you. >> hello governor. >> mike: this is actually a cake. >> this is a cake. i really did not know you're coming on. we were going to surprise you hanging in the lobby outside. >> mike: so much for the section on audience q&a. how did you do this. >> why did you watch. >> mike: let's take a look. the local. >> in the the governor loves bass guitars so what better are they cake and to make his own a stake. based on one of the basis that he owns. so basically this is a guitar but the governor has. i think it is cool looking. i know he plays a lot of different ones but this is the one like most we picked it or you would have a little patriotic thing we will do on the board to set this guitar off from ice. i could play your tune. basically what we did for this,
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was we took sheet cakes, and we cut out the section of the guitar. what we did is started with a wood frame, so this is a wood frame here, for what do they call it, the neck which mark wright. for the neck with about a little wood frame, and then on top of it we used this or did that's how we do it. we actually can't paint all of this stuff. this will look great. we are artists in a sense we are here's the picture, it's got look like this. so now we're going to hit all these details. that's just how we do things. the school of hard knocks. ^ harlow's bakery this is where went to school. i learned here. i learned a lot from my father. this bakery is open since 1910.
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and it's been in my family since 1964. so a pretty long time. now my clients think i have all this superhuman -- you know whatever you want -- you wanted to move, bark, saying russian markup problem. so right now i am steaming the cake so that when i put the red stripe on it will stick without me having to edit. good. one, two, three. so inside this part of the race, we have another cake with chocolate truffle filling. and in the neck, but no.
8:19 pm
yes. all right. just kidding. he is going to really love this and i'm excited to bring it to him tomorrow. [ applause ] >> mike: ha ha. oh man, buddy, i cannot tell you what a thrill this is. this is unbelievable, and you know what question mark and of the audience will not believe this, i truly did not know this was happening. i didn't even know the staff here knew that i was going to have a birthday. one thing i'm grateful for in addition to this amazing cake that i can't wait to get into, all by myself by the way, i'm just glad you did not put the 54 candles on it, because the new york fire department would shut us down. you know that. but he, thank you. what a great job you've done on the bass guitar cake.
8:20 pm
>> happy birthday. thank you. >> mike: out of the questions and answers not just for clunkers program is coming to an end. now the car dealers are screaming for the government to show me the money. will they ever see it? we will talk to some of the next. stay with us. [ applause ]
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reading about washington these days... i gotta ask, what's in it for me? i'm not looking for a bailout, just a good paying job. that's why i like this clean energy idea. now that works for our whole family. for the kids, a better environment. for my wife, who commutes, no more gettin' jerked around on gas prices... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening.
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>> mike: the government is ending its cash or clunkers this coming monday, weeks earlier than expected and through the program there have been a lot of questions. in fact it has been riddled with problems. the president says it has been a big success. >> i understand you want to get their money back as soon as possible. the fact of the matter is, this is a good news story. they are seeing sales have not seen in years.
8:24 pm
>> mike: they are selling more cars, but are they getting reimbursed russian ark joining us now jim and her president of the island mitsubishi in lindenhurst new york, ron moorhead in a matter of either of these to new york area good to have you guys here. thank you for joining us. let me start with one of the things people don't understand. the cash for clunkers involves a lot of paperwork are you wrong, you brought about this is one car. one cars paperwork. it's 20 pages long. and this is representative of half of the paperwork that you have from 60 cars? >> sixty cars i'm involved with waiting for funding to get back on it odd that i only got founded on three of them right now she can have been founded on 3/60. so in essence the government of the united states has asked you to tote the note. is that it was mark. >> i feel like a bank i just can't get the money. >> mike: they promised you it would take a lot to get your
8:25 pm
money back. >> ten days. >> mike: some of these cars are sold what july 28. >> july 20 was my first invoice for just a bit on that this morning. >> mike: alaska close enough for government work are you a month later. this is a huge stack of paper. again this only represents half of the paperwork you've done. this is more paperwork, but the pages are car, then it would take to do an itemized tax devotion. jim, what was your thought of cash for clunkers when it was announced was mark this was at my dealership which mark. >> i saw what it was right from the beginning. it's a misuse of taxpayer money. it is not the purpose of government. i see it as -- it is way too targeted toward a very specific group of people. it does not help poor people. it is driving up the price of used cars. for the dealer, yes. if we get paid we will make money. but if you look at it as a nationwide program, i don't think it's good for the country. it is more towards his drive toward socialism which i do not
8:26 pm
agree with. >> mike: how much money are we talking about you are owed. >> i have $100,000 right now that's owed you. i am probably going to get it. i believe the president. but we are going to have to wait a long time for it. >> mike: ron, how much money are you on the lam for right now -- not on the lamp of the limb. if you are on the lam in or you are. >> about $300,000. >> mike: that's a lot of money. >> for me, a small store, it is. >> mike: let's say a week after cash for clunkers was way to a customer that comes in and says hey, get me in on that $4500 discount deal statement that something to happen. as of tuesday this week i stopped. i lost about 50 deals because of it. >> mike: people said that if you don't have the cash for clunkers we won't do it say acra. >> mike: does not run the risk of people coming in and want to deal even though the government says the longer exist? >> i'm faced with everyday.
8:27 pm
he will come and they get angry as we stopped doing it also. not only did we run out of cars but we are much money off of the street area we have to make payroll. cash flow is a social to business. >> mike: had to get this paperwork done but him on the night snack that's right. >> mike: hopefully the computers at the government works together snack that's the problem. the computers crash yet to scan every one of those pieces of paper and submit them. >> mike: i hope you get your money. you have more faith in the government than i have. >> no i don't. >> mike: great to have you here. and telling her story. [ applause ] >> mike: should we in america care about what's on in israel which mark i think we should. and coming up, i'm going to tell you why. we're out here looking at bones
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( chirp ) boss? what do we do with the shih-tzu? - ( crowd gasps ) - ( chirp ) joint custody. - phew! - announcer: get work done now. communicate in less than a second with nextel direct connect. only on the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access >> julie: from america's news headquarters allawi and julie banderas. the massachusetts host line is bracing for hurricane belt tonight. bill has been downgraded to category one storm still maxing -- with winds of 85 mph. it is not expected to strike the mainland or did bill is turning up rough seas trading dangerous rip tides and closing beaches. safety officials urge extreme caution. the hurricane is a few hundred miles south of nantucket to make iraq's government is warning people in baghdad that are more powerful attacks could be on the rise in. the threat is leading to tighten
8:31 pm
security measures around the city and return of concrete dust falls to protect buildings. in the past week alone, tax until more than 100 people and injured hundreds in baghdad. bombings have been on the rise since u.s. forces pulled out of iraqi cities in june. i've julie banderas. huckabee only hear on fox. >> announcer pro two by and click on the fox feedback section to comment on the show. >> mike: i spent most of the last week in israel. it was my 11th trip there. my first trip was 1973 which was just before the yom kippur war. and through the years i've seen a lot of changes, but some things never change. israel is a tiny country, smaller than new jersey, but it garners a disproportionate share of the world's focus. so what does it have to do with you as you quite a bit, actually the conflicts in the middle east and the struggles of the jewish people have been the reason that your fathers, husbands, sons and
8:32 pm
daughters and france, have been sent to war. from the beating germany's maniacal attempt to annihilate the jews to the attempt to establish an islamic domination in the middle east and eventually the world. a democracy surrounded by hostile dictatorships, israel and the united states have more than an organizational relationship, but an organic one. our country share a common heritage of being established to escape during the established legislator he personal freedom. one of the people i talked to when i was in israel was former israeli ambassador europe wagner he shares a sobering message as to why it matters to americans should iran developing nuclear weapons. >> should iran hit the note, and should be national security advisor of american president get a message from tehran, we have four nuclear warheads aimed at new york, los angeles, miami and chicago area not from iran but from somewhere in that
8:33 pm
pathetic or the pacific from seemingly innocent fishing boat, and the e-mail message would say if you want us to spare your cities of nuclear attack, you have to evacuate the persian gulf and submit yourself to the following i do not envy and american resident who would get such a message. >> mike: what about the efforts to bring peace to the middle east. are they working? and what makes this process a difficult area u.s. has built its efforts on the concept of land for peace. the israelis would give back land that it obtained while defending itself in wars like the six-day war in 1967. and then in return they are supposed to be peace. most doctors feel that ask, how's that working out for us pushing the. >> since 1993, when fossil was concluded, we have seen the exercise the application of the erie land for peace with the hope that that would moderate
8:34 pm
the palestinians, moderate the middle east, and bring about peace. there has never been a peace process like oslo which of course so much bloodshed, so much terrorism, and most importantly, so much hate education has happened in this area since 1993. by the way the architect of education and the palestinian in authority has been a good cop" mazza. he was expelled from egypt, from syria, from jordan and lebanon for subversion. he partook in the under of kuwait by saddam hussein in 19 abu mohsen was the architect of plo ties with the ruthless communist regimes in moscow and east germany and other eastern european countries. he is the one who took care of the logistics of the massacre when 11 israeli athletes were massacred in 1972.
8:35 pm
>> mike: in case you didn't recognize the name of abu mohsen, it's the men that most of us in the united states now has mahmoud abbas the prime minister of the palestinian authority. he might better understand why so many israeli officials are leery of trusting a man who reportedly arranged the financing for the 1972 massacre of israeli athletes in munich politics. >> jerusalem is an unique and amazing city, considered a holy site for jews, christians and muslims, therefore it's where the most hotly contested uses of property in all the world. is it possible to have jerusalem governed by more than one government at the same time? how difficult would it be to have both canada and the u.s. claim of low new york, or detroit, or have both mexico and the u.s. governed san diego? i also visited with deputy prime minister who explained the challenges of a divided jerusalem. >> jerusalem transcends the years and generations and choose
8:36 pm
from all walks of life whether they are secular, orthodox or form, conservative or israelis. and i may also add it is her unique for christianity all over the world. and for us, jerusalem is more than just a territory. it's more than just a place. it goes down to the core values into the heart and soul of jewish existence. jerusalem kept us as a people more than 3000 years are you and during 2000 years of exile. the yearning for jerusalem kept us alive as a people. so without jerusalem, there is no israel. there is no jewish people. >> mike: when we come back, two of israel's progressive and young leaders both highly successful entrepreneurs, who are changing the face of jerusalem. we will be right back. stay with us. my doctor told me something i never knew.
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>> mike: the mayor of jerusalem is bringing modern high-tech approaches to a c3000 city. before he ran for office he was not in the high-tech industry and i asked him about the challenges of renovations in the city in which being a ditch possibly means of disturbing a major archaeological treasure. >> a city that has 3000 years of history, anywhere you put a shovel in the ground in jerusalem to find jewish roots to, 3000 roots -- years ago. how do you manage 3000 years of history? lots of cities that are new cities are not faced with such a challenge. on top of that, there's lots of sensitivity on any rock in the city of drizzle and there's lots of history so that you have to be very, very cautious. dozens of places on every comment or have to stop, egg,
8:41 pm
uncover, and then think through how to deal with the archaeology that you find on the ground. >> in jerusalem the progressive if the city is divided amongst governments question mark the mayor weighs in. connect your son has to stay united. or so history of the world for any city that is split that works. as such. especially not jerusalem. the musky jerusalem united, we must enable people to enjoy it. the whole world. service for generations to come, and make sure the quality of life of all of the residents, jews, christians and muslims, are dramatically improved. the reality is that arabs and jews live in different parts of jerusalem. north, south, east and west. i don't believe anyone in the world will say that a person cannot live in a certain neighborhood visit his origin, because of his race, because of his beliefs. that doesn't fly. you have to be very honest with people, and manage jerusalem as a united city i'm a fairly and
8:42 pm
honestly under law. >> mike: i had the privilege of visiting any home of the brazilian born and educated at clemson married a miami girl and made a fortune in oil and doesn't texas and louisiana. he now lives in jerusalem and he owns the local soccer team. he is kind of like a young israeli version combination of t. boone pickens and jerry jones and a very gracious host. i asked him about living in this very topic in the city. >> jerusalem is a city that i grew up, in a dreaming about even though i never came here. just ideologically it just meant so much. and over the years as i learned more about it because i really came emotionally attached but also intellectually attached are you two are you understand where jerusalem fits in the big picture. and purchasing property, and getting involved in trying to you know, by different properties in different parts of the city. and you know, not viewing east
8:43 pm
jerusalem, west jerusalem, the slime, that might, just viewing it as a special place and being able to invest in a was something i always wanted to do speak and how does he deal with the challenges of trying to balance jews and arabs living inside each other. >> most people don't like him you say this, we are living in east jerusalem. this is east jerusalem. that right there, those walls in 1948, is where the jews were marched out by the jordanians. so this -- that was called canon for all the years until 1967. and this was a launching pad, jordanians used to fire here. he lived here. i have a lot of people living in the homes of different religions and if i purchase a property, i go through the process. i don't do somebody as their religion or where they come from as you have to leave the house. so i try to view it more methodically and say this is a good investment and they want to sell it, i want to buy it, they can continue to live there, i don't have to go creating havoc
8:44 pm
over the situation, and it works. it has worked so far. >> mike: i know my own view is not necessarily the conventional view, but it seems to me that it is important that the jewish state of israel allow people of all faiths to continue to live there. it is important reality sets in and that we realize the notion of a divided jerusalem is not only impractical it's an impediment to what should be the hope of all of us. peace in jerusalem. >> we were not all business always there. i had the pleasure of working with our traffic stats at the "fox news" released bureau in jerusalem. and i found out that our own mike tobin, you regularly see another side of him. but me just say, that this is how you usually see him. >> as they thanks are rolling into position, different combat spots right on the fence with israel and gaza. let's take you up and show you exactly where the fighting to
8:45 pm
place this morning. the attack happened just before 6:45 am. again, exactly on the israel-gaza order fence. >> mike: that's the height of an enormous sea. how did you know the "little rockers" have gone international russian mark i joined up with mike and bradley fish, a local studio owner, originally from wisconsin, and we did little country music i'm an israeli style. ♪ trailers for sale around ♪ ♪ rooms to let $.50 ♪ no phone no pool but that's ♪ ain't got no cigarettes logo that two hours of pushing broom poco have an eight x 12 four-bedroom ♪ ♪ i am a man of means i know means ♪ ♪ a king of the road logo third
8:46 pm
boxcar that night train ♪ ♪ destination, anger, maine area ♪ worn-out shoes don't pay no union dues ♪ ♪ i smoke old stogies i have found ♪ ♪ there short but not too big around ♪ ♪ i am a man of means ♪ by no means ♪ king of the road. double ♪ ♪ >> mike: that's how he keeps chasing the tanks around the borders. he chose out with the music. so the "little rockers" are now around the world. coming up, the popular christian ghetto burger, point of grace. they're here to perform their brand-new hit. a beautiful song. stay with us. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome.
8:47 pm
and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. why is dick butkus here? i hired him to speak. a lot of fortune 500 companies use him. but-- i'm your only employee. we're gonna start using fedex to ship globally-- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football... i just don't understand...
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8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> mike: why would you want to be part of the studio audience? these girls started singing together as students at washita at this university in 1991 and since they have become one of the most successful christian contemporary recording artists ever. have sold more than 5 million albums, 18 double words, two grammy animations and have it recorded an incredible 24 consecutive number one hits in a row. nobody has done that in any of the music business. welcome shelley breen, denise jones and lee e. no, a point of grace. so happy to have you guys here. >> thank you. >> mike: when i first met you, shelley, you are working your way through college, waiting tables at the reduced growth in the rock. >> of us. i waited on you. i remember you.
8:51 pm
>> mike: i hope i take you out. >> you're a great tipper. i hope i would do well too. >> mike: you only spelled stuff on me twice. >> that's probably true. >> mike: i watched point of grace back from when they were were first starting as a group called say so. you guys have had a new york rise. it's been an unbelievable thing. you have the record of the most consecutive number kits in any genre of music, not just contemporary music, rock, country, anything. what's the secret? >> we've been singing for a long time, and we've always had outs of the people behind this. it's not just us, it's our record company and all that it would have been so thankful for christian radio in their support of our music. through the years. >> mike: you guys have put together a beautiful, beautiful song will do today, and it's part of the book, a children's book, and we will perform the song but it's a powerful song about dads and daughters.
8:52 pm
and i just -- i'm so glad nobody was around me when i first heard this song. i was a blubbering idiot. >> we recorded the song king of the world just a few months ago and put it on our new books edition of our current record. and the writer of the song, cindy morgan said i had this idea for a book called ansi daddy, and i want to base it on a song king of the world and would you like to be involved in the project and we said sure. all of us have sweet relationships with their fathers and their influence in our life was so important area so the cd is in the back of the book and it's a sweet story about a dad and his little girl just kind of walking her through life. and fun to be a part of. >> mike: all audience numbers could a copy of the book and cd. i hope everybody will go and order this beautiful song. i'm telling you especially me and my daughters getting married next year, but with these guys in the spots it wanted to do the music at the wedding. joining us the catalina who joined point of grace in the last few years, and her husband dana is on guitar. but stu king of the world.
8:53 pm
♪ spinning around on the tops of his feet ♪ ♪ smiles of the angels could not be so sweet cocoa wide blue eyes and piggy tails were up ♪ ♪ she's her daddy's girl ♪ because he knows the jokes that always make her laugh ♪ ♪ he takes her for ice cream instead of imap ♪ ♪ at the end of the day, the light of the moon ♪ ♪ return of the music, in their living room ♪ ♪ and she yells dance me dance me around the ♪ ♪ until my feet don't ever touch down ♪ ♪ there is nothing better than being your girl ♪ ♪ and if i am your prints --
8:54 pm
princess than daddy, you are the king of the world. ♪ it's funny how the light moves in circles of time ♪ ♪ to think not so long ago that face was mine ♪ ♪ houses get smaller ♪ we take different names but both some things in life stay the same ♪ ♪ dance me ♪ dance me around local until my feet don't ever touch down ♪ ♪ there is nothing better than being your girl coco and if i am your princess ♪ ♪ than daddy ♪ you are the king of the world ♪ ♪ someday she will grow up
8:55 pm
♪ find a life of her own ♪ and mary a good man ♪ and make a happy home ♪ until she comes back seats with the same eyes =moco what time do not disguise mobile she walks to the door logo with that look on her face logo that is brown hair has all turned to gray ♪ ♪ they talk for hours local they cry and they laugh ♪ ♪ watching old movies and thinking back ♪ ♪ just as she turns to go ♪ she says paid to ♪ how about one for the road
8:56 pm
dance me ♪ ♪ dance me around ♪ until my feet don't ever touch down ♪ ♪ there is nothing better ♪ then being your girl ♪ all know there's nothing better than being your girl ♪ ♪ and if i am a princess ♪ than daddy ♪ you are the king of the world area and ♪ and king of the world mobile spinning around on the tops of his feet ♪ ♪ smiles and the angels could not be so sweet. double ♪ ♪ >> mike: point of grace, everybody, and we will be right back. stay with us or if. ♪ dance meet
8:57 pm
♪ dance me around ♪ until my feet don't ever touch down ♪ ♪ dance there is nothing @
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
most of you know that last week we had james burton on the show and we were hoping they >> mike: thickhead james burton on our show and we hoped it would set a new world record we will let you know more about it. better luck next time. we still love james and happy to have him here with us always on the show.

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